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ISEM was in Mosul !

as part of its mission and goals;ISEM participated in conducting training courses for healthcare providers in Mosul in collaboration with Internatinal Medical Corps. during the period 12-16 March 2017 in AlArkan primary healthcare center; the number of trainees was 50 medical staff.

Two training courses have been conducted focusing on life saving skills and knowledge and approach to emergency management.theoretical and paractica; sessions were included.

National day of the emergency medical servicesاليوم الوطني للخدمات الطبية الطارئة‎

In remembrance of the annualnational day of the emergency medical services 25 March and as usual AlZahraa Hospital for obst and children and mainly the director of the hospital Dr.Abbas Oayed and active member pharmacist Rajaa Abbas celebrating the national day ;ISEM was there.the celebration was unfortunately modest because of few attendees only from the hospital .

Capacity Building of IMC medical staff

The ISEM conducted tow training courses for IMC(International Medical Corp.) medical staff.

The first course was conducted  12-13 November 2016 at Oyun Baghdad Restaurant in Baghdad,focusing on Basic Life Support(BLS),life saving measures in responding to emergencies to build capacity of IMC medical staff whom committed to mobile clinic for emergency management in different locations in North of Iraq.

The course involved presentations,movie shows and hand on skill stations.

Another training course on ATLS was conducted 29-30 November 2016,for IMC medical staff.

the course involved case study,scenarios,hand on skill stations and presentations.

there were pre and post course tests for trainees and showed obivious improving of their knowledge and skills.

Medical Students got ready! to face Emergencies

Final class students of Mustansria medical college attended 2nd training course on ACLS,BLS and skills of life saving
22-28 August 2016

Training Courses on EM skills for Students of Medical Technical Institiute -Baghdad

August 14-18,2016
The training schedule consisted of many topics related to EM skilld ,hand-on skill stations fousing on life saving procedures

Emergency Skills  for Medical Students
Iraqi Society for Emergency Medicine  conducted Training workshop on ATLS,BLS and Emergency management in ER for 6th class students of Al-Mustansriya medical college  27-28 April 2016

Emergency Skills for Medical Students !

Iraqi Society for Emergency Medicine  conducted Training workshop on ATLS,BLS and Emergency management in ER for 6th class students of Diwaniya medical college during the 4th Annual conference of the Diwaniya Medical college 20-21 April 2016 

The Iraqi society for Emergency Medicine in collaboration ,cooperation and supporting of MSF-France ,conducted  two training workshops on first aid and emergency skills for first responders 3 February 2016.

The training courses included theoretical and hand on skill stations to build the capacity of MSF staff in order to be ready to be involved in responding to emergencies and crisis.

The National Day of Emergency Services ceremony

initiation of the administration of Fatima AlZahraa Hospital for Gyn.&Obst. 

 The symposium on celebration of the national day of emergency care  conducted on 28 March 2016 at hospital hall in collaboration with the Iraqi Society for Emergency Medicine.

The symposium was focusing on preparedness and response  and training on emergency skills to respond to variant emergencies.

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